We have seen a lot of wet, cold weather recently and many of us are starting to wish for warmer weather and picturing laying on an exotic beach somewhere.

If you’ve not travelled with a stoma before, it can be daunting at first. Even being out on a long road trip can be daunting, let alone on an airplane – but please do not worry, we are here to reassure you and share tips to make it a manageable and enjoyable trip.


First lets dismiss the biggest myth: Your stoma bag will NOT expand on a plane as it rises into the sky.

Many of our clients call to ask for reassurance about this but all manufacturers have strict guidelines to follow and in 30 years of business we have not ever heard of this happening even once.

The trick to travelling with a stoma is to be prepared. Prepared so you feel confident but not so much so that you need to book in an extra suitcase. From speaking to our stoma clients, here’s a list of their essentials:

All stoma products are considered medical essentials, so you are allowed to take them as an additional clear plastic bag of liquids through security. Most airlines also offer extra luggage weight allowance of around 5kg for free. Just call ‘Special Assistance’ at least 48hrs in advance.

Your doctor can also write a letter that you can carry in your hand luggage, and hand to airport attendants to save you having to explain what your medical appliances are for.

A useful tip is to split your stoma supplies between your hand luggage and holdall luggage, so if one is lost or delayed you still have supplies.


Travel Insurance for Ostomates

It is worth searching for insurers who specifically cover cancer patients, they will not only cover existing conditions but will also cover you for a lot less money than some of the larger brands.

One of our clients went with a main stream insurer and it cost £400 for a trip to America, when they went back the next year and took our advice, it cost them just £70.

We hope you have found these tips useful and would like to take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful holiday.

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