Our Diabetes Delivery Services

Step 1

Get in touch and let us know what you need.

Step 2

We will contact your GP and manage your prescription.

Step 3

Your order is then processed and dispensed to your preferred address.

Step 4

We will set up scheduled reminders to make sure you always have your prescribed items.

Make life easier and get your prescription Diabetes Devices delivered to your door with this free NHS service
We work with your GP to ensure you receive your products when you need them
Subscription packages available

Rapidcare are a family run business working in partnership with the NHS, focused on providing a quick and simple prescription delivery service to our customers. We have been working with the NHS for over 30 years and have recently responded to demand from people with diabetes to provide our services for them.

The service is free, simply contact us and set up your account and we will do the rest, requesting your prescription, working with your GP and delivering your diabetes equipment directly to your door, when you need them.

We carry stock in our warehouse ready to despatch quickly to minimise any delay in receiving your important equipment.

Family run and working in partnership with the NHS for over 30 years. Knowledgeable staff experienced in Diabetes Equipment

Free customised service designed around your needs

Stock held in our warehouse ready to dispense, no delays

  • Free service direct to patients’ home, no unnecessary trips to the chemist
  • Stock, including sensors, readily available to dispense from our UK warehouse, no delays for the patient
  • Be assured that patients will always have the right equipment that you have recommended
  • Quick and easy to set up patients on the system, takes less than 3 minutes
  • Suite of reports on products dispensed by patient available

Contact us for more information


0800 170 7574

We work in partnership with the NHS to provide this service, so it is free for all our patients.

We have been working with GPs for over 30 years and so most are familiar with our service provision. We will contact your GP and let them know what items you require. They will check your records and send the prescription to us allowing us to dispense your order

Most prescriptions are sent to us electronically. This is a very quick system, often taking less that 48 hours to process. We also offer a freepost system if required.

You can contact us through our registration form on our website or via our freephone number (0800 170 7574) or email address, Life@rapidcare.co.uk.

Our experienced Customer Service team will answer your call and complete the order swiftly, we answer your call within 3 rings and order placement time takes less than 2  minutes. We try our best to process, request and send out the patients orders in 72 hours.

Yes. They can also contact us through our website, freephone or email address.

We will always request instructions from the patient for when they are out or unable to answer the door. All our couriers provide an online system that allows patients to amend the delivery information of your order. We are happy to send the order to any address in the UK.

Yes, if its available on prescription then we can carry it in our stock. We have no product affiliation.

We are a Dispensing Appliance Contractor approved and licensed by the NHS. We are licensed to supply all medical appliances including Diabetic Sensors, Lancets and Needles. We don’t supply any insulin or testing Strips, these will need to be collected from a pharmacy along with any other medicines.