Using Rapidcare means we really do go the extra mile so you receive extra benefits:

  • Extra people to answer the phone so you talk to a helpful person, not a machine.
  • Extra experience within our team (the majority have been here for
    over 20 years), which means you’ll receive a professional, knowledgeable service.
  • Extra time is spent on the phone so you feel confident that we understand your needs.
  • Extra consideration is given due to your orders always being handled by the same people who will come to know you and your preferences.
  • Extra attention is spent on your prescription management as we understand how important it is that ‘hiccups’ do not occur.
  • Extra care is taken on your delivery so your orders arrive on time, in an unmarked box, in an unbranded vehicle, usually delivered by us.
  • Extra protection of your personal information, we will never share your details without your permission.
To see how you can benefit from our extra benefits, call us today.