White Rose Collection

We are very excited to announce that White Rose Collection has recently changed hands with Tanya and Dave moving into a well-earned retirement and handing the White Rose flag onto a new team! Introducing.. Julia & Kevin Constable and Ricky & Renee Hobson   White Rose Collection has a range of Ladies underwear and swimwear and mens swimwear, under wear and high waisted trousers. We also stock a range of accessories including… The ‘travel john’ a disposable odourless absorbent pouch for those days where you are unsure of toilet locations or traffic jams, compact so easily carried in your... Read more

Bladder Management

Prevent bladder infection with our easy to follow steps on bladder management. This information will help you care for your urinary catheter while you’re at home. A urinary catheter is placed into your bladder to drain your urine and it is held inside your bladder by a balloon filled with water.   Daily Catheter Care It is important to keep your catheter clean to avoid any risk of infection. You can clean it daily whilst in the shower (no baths). You will need the following supplies: Mild soap, perfume free soap Water A clean washcloth (not one already used... Read more

Travelling with a Stoma

We have seen a lot of wet, cold weather recently and many of us are starting to wish for warmer weather and picturing laying on an exotic beach somewhere. If you’ve not travelled with a stoma before, it can be daunting at first. Even being out on a long road trip can be daunting, let alone on an airplane – but please do not worry, we are here to reassure you and share tips to make it a manageable and enjoyable trip.   First lets dismiss the biggest myth: Your stoma bag will NOT expand on a plane as... Read more

The importance of Hydration

If you are post ileostomy surgery, please read this… it may seem like an obvious point but it is unfortunately a factor that is often easily forgotten about and can have a nasty effect. Dehydration can be a high risk for those of us living with an ileostomy. Dehydration can occur after ileostomy surgery, as the purpose of the large intestine is to absorb water from the indigestible waste and then expel the waste material from the body through bowel movements. During ileostomy surgery, a part or all of the large intestines is removed, which prevents the body from... Read more